Our Environment


MATAKANA 360 nestles among some of the North Island’s most beautiful rural and coastal land. The house is part of a green belt that stretches from Mt Tamahunga through the Dome Forest to the west coast and sits directly on Te Araroa, The Long Pathway, a New Zealand-long foot trail extending the length of New Zealand.

The property includes just over 2 hectares (5 acres) of re-generating native bush, including mature Kahikatea and Puriri, as part of a covenant attached to the land. The gentle beauty of the the Mamaku and Ponga, the black and silver tree ferns of New Zealand currently dominates the property but will eventually give up territory for other, larger native trees such as the stately kauri.

We take environmental sustainability seriously, and we invite our guests to as well. One of the many rewards is the number of native birds returning. You can expect to see tuis, wood pigeons, fantails, silver eyes, kingfishers, pheasants, quail, rosellas, finches, the high-gliding harrier hawk and perhaps ruru, the owl.


A truly beautiful way to relax and wind down after a traumatic year of highs and lows. Excellent accommodation and facilities exactly how we both wished it would be. We will certainly recommend MATAKANA 360 to our friends and whanau.

Wellington, NZ.